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Meet women right now with a blind date ??

  • Posted on October 28, 2011 at 7:51 pm

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Hey guys, how ya doing ?? Let me tell you something I get asked a lot. And that is do blind dates  tend to pan out into something that is serious??

Well, from my own experience I can say the majority of blind dates I have seen do not seem to work out. Just think about it a second…………..you are relying on a third party ( friend, family member,etc.etc.)  in making the decision that you will like and maybe even fall in  love with your blind date.

Funny thing is everyone has different views and while you might think someone is attractive your best friend can think that same person is a dog.

I will never forget when one of my closest freinds set me up with his girlfriend’s sister. We went to Applebees , and when both arrived I can tell you they both were total bow wows ;)   I hadn’t met my friends girlfriend at that time and couldnt believe he thought she was attractive. And her sister was even worse.

Like I said earlier one man’s view on beauty can be totally different than another man’s.

So in conclusion guys, I would stay away from blind dates and go looking for women face to face and decide if you want to ask them out or not !! :)

Cheers  to your success,                                                                                                      Robert Andrew

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Hey guys check out my other Site in Meeting Women

  • Posted on October 12, 2011 at 12:53 am

(Tags include how to meet women online, meet beautiful women, meet single women, meet women online )

I have a number of Blogs with different backgrounds that interest me. And a good one you should check out is right here dating tips !  At this Site you will find much of  the  information you need to find more dates with women as well as resources to help you find that one you fall in love with ( men or women).  And also dating tips.

I spent a number of years in developing this Site so you need to go over there right now and see what it is all about. ;)

Anyway, getting to meet and date women is not brain surgery or rocket science. Once you get it down you will find it easier and easier to meet women.

1.  Always realize you will get turned much more than you will get reception from women.

2.  Never let the failures hurt your self confidence. Even George Clooney has been turned down before !!

3.   Always accentuate the   charmful attributes about yourself to women. Like if you have curly, blond hair make sure the women you want takes notice. Or if you have cute dimples or  bright, white teeth make sure she sees them.

Its all about how you present yourself to women. Don’t be too pushy or to obvious about your intentions, but also show the woman you walk with both self confidence and humility !!

Hope 2011 has been great for some of you guys in meeting women !!

  • Posted on August 18, 2011 at 7:50 pm

Can you believe 2011 is about 60% over ?? Wow, time does fly.

And I haven’t posted here in awhile but because many you readers out there have been wanting  more of my expert advice  I am here to post topics regularly !

One of the things that can really help you is the two Programs located on the right sidebar of this page. One is Adult Friend Finder and the other is called Date first.

The two are distinctly different but offer ways to meet women.

AdultFriend Finder is for the guys that are a little more liberal in their romance needs and are looking to have fun.

Date First is a great program that is more geared to those single individuals who want to meet that very special someone and want to commit to a possible serious  relationship.

I think people tend to blow off these sites ,but let me tell you they can be very, very successful in meeting individuals who are like minded and tend to bring these people together in a relaxed and fun setting.

So be sure to check them out !

Remember meeting women is not brain surgery. And you dont have to be Tom Cruise to pick up the babes. Keeping good hygeine ,including teeth and hair,  as well as dressing sharply can do wonders for meeting women.

Just use your common sense when approaching women and be and act confidently and this will do wonders

Its 2011 and a great time to Meet Women !!

  • Posted on January 7, 2011 at 12:56 am

Well, happy belated New Years. 2010 really flew by and I dont know about you guys but I am looking forward to a great year in 2011.

For you guys looking to get things off to a bang with that potential new girlfriend may I make a suggestion. Why not go all out and ask this girl on a nice little road trip for the weekend. This weekend may be a little late but if so there is always next weekend. Take her to a nice bed and breakfast or a cozy little chalet up in the mountains. I say this because with the new year brings new hope and the excitement of starting out the year on a clean slate. As a result many women who are single will be more apt to take you up on that little road trip to get the new year kicked off with a flash.

I would also suggest that you  take this woman on a shopping spree of sorts. Take her and treat her to a new outfit or a piece of jewelry. You wont look desperate or anything as you remind the girl that you are getting the new year started off with a bang. She will understand and be impressed with your generosity and attentiveness !

Anyway, I just wanted to give you a few ideas for the New Year in trying to snag that nice little female you have had your eye on.

Be flashy but sincere and let her know you are interested and be a little indulgent with her and treat her to some nice things.

You wont regret it as you get 2011 off on the right foot !! :)

Attract Beautiful Woman – How To Attract Beautiful Women

  • Posted on October 3, 2010 at 4:07 am

Attract Beautiful Woman

If you want to attract a beautiful woman, you need to be educated, tall and be a lot of money. If you undergo individuals three situations being offered for you, you don’t experience to look like Brad Pitt, you appeal to women everywhere you go. Another point you must remember in order to attract a beautiful woman is you cannot be boring. Beautiful women like adventurous, unpredictable men. They like men who are fun to be around and dare to take chances. They say what they think, and they mean what they say. Attract Beautiful Woman

They have a sense of humor and have a little of the “bad guy” aura hovering around them. Remember things that the lady says, like her favorite foods, favorite activities, etc. Don’t rush into a date taking her to her favorite restaurant or a horseback riding date (if that’s her favorite activity)

Instead, wait a couple of weeks, then spring a surprise night out or afternoon at the ocean riding horses. It works like a charm. Beautiful women love spontaneity, and if you can stay cool and plan things at your pace – not hers – you’ve got it made. Also remember that women love men that aren’t afraid to be different. Attract Beautiful Woman

Other ways to attract beautiful is to not be afraid to look at them. Sometimes a woman is particularly stunning and a man finds it hard to hold eye contact with them. Stare right into her eyes and strike up a normal conversation with her. Let her know that you are more interested in her –what she likes, dislikes, etc. – not how beautiful she is. Start taking actions to Change your social life forever! Get your Attract Beautiful Woman now.

Franchise Opportunities: Children’s Education Businesses – Chris A Zaal

  • Posted on September 25, 2010 at 4:42 am

If you have background as an educator, a daycare provider, preschool provider, or are an entrepreneur or a business executive that loves children and would enjoy the challenge of making a difference in their educational lives, perhaps a Childhood Education and Development franchise might be the perfect business for you. 

In general, education is one of those industries that people invest in no matter what the economic climate. In fact, in difficult financial times, families invest more heavily in educating their children because they want their kids to have better opportunities than they had themselves, so childhood education is most definitely a recession-proof industry.

Below are some of the features of a Childhood Education franchise opportunity.

*Currently, the child education industry generates about $60 billion in annual revenue and provides more than 3.5 million jobs.

*Normal business hours.  You won’t be working during the evening or on weekends.  Business is conducted during “normal” business hours, so it truly is a lifestyle opportunity. 

*It’s a business you can truly feel good about.  Promoting education, whether via standard teaching practices, or by utilizing a tutoring curriculum, is, in itself, a “feel good” type of business. 

*Most available opportunities feature low start up and operating costs.  Some can be run from a home office.

*State of the art software is provided, which effectively manages all student academics.

*Professional tutors are readily available.  Many franchisees never have found the need to advertise for tutors.

*As the owner/franchisee, your only role is to run the business. You will be managing people and scheduling sessions. You will not be providing the core service, but leveraging the time and efforts of others.

Some Children’s franchise businesses have specific niches and features that they focus on.  They may specialize in early educational enhancement, language education, art education programs, educational technology solutions, and tutoring programs, to name a few.  Your franchise Chris A Zaal can help you zero in on your skill set, goals, and background to help you determine which opportunity is the best match for you.

Find Your Perfect Business


Tell Tale Body Language that a Women is digging You…………

  • Posted on September 19, 2010 at 5:16 am

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Hey guys. You know women can be  curious creatures when trying to figure out what is going on in their heads. For many centuries now , men have been beating their hard heads against the wall trying to figure out woemn.

They are definitely tough cookies to crack.So how do you know when a women is really digging you or not ?? This is a good question that most men have asked themselves at least once in their Life.

So here are a 5 tell tale signs that a women really is attracted to you.

1. She runs  her hands through her hair and giggles incessantly after anything you say. This flirtatious activity is exhibited by many honeys who have their eyes on a guy.

2. She mimics everything that you do in the conversation. If she leans forward when you lean forward or tilts her head when you tilt your head then chances are she likes you.

3. She has strong eye contact with you. When she cant take her eyes off you and stares deep into your eyes then she definitely digs you.

4. She has a twinkle and sparkling look in her eyes and a glow in her smile and face. Many women will look like this when they are turned on by the man they are talking to. Its quite an obvious characteristic to spot in flirtatious women.

5. She  bites her lower lip when talking with you. Okay guys this is an observation I have noticed myself over the years. When a women is in to you many times  she will bite  her lower lip. I do not know if this is some kind of small amount of testoterone running through these women’s veins, but I have seen it all too common.

Anyway, next time you are talking to a women at the office or out on the town think about these characteristics I have talked about. There is no Rule that says the women is interested in you because she exhibits some of these traits. But there is a distinct probablity that she is .

Cheers to women and cheers to  flirting with them !! :)

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Meet Single Women at Church ??

  • Posted on August 11, 2010 at 4:30 pm

You say  ‘ what Rob’ ??  Thats right you can meet single women at Church and  good women at that.

I know many of you will say that Church is full of hypocrites and judgmental people etc..etc.. Well, there is some truth to that. Much like there are hypocrites about any place you go to. Whether that be at school, the store, football games, gyms, clubs and most anywhere.

Personally, I have come in contact with people who have met really, really good women at a Church and are now happily married. And I am not saying that you have to be looking for someone at Church to marry. But you can be exposed to some really classy and very nice looking women at Church.  Of course, there might be some bad ones scattered in there,  but from what I have experienced many of them are good people.

Many Churches have a Singles Sunday School class. And this can really be something that you can take advantage of. When I went to a Singles Class it was full of like  minded females who came from the same background as me with some intelligence and education.

I dont want to knock Bars and Clubs as bad places to meet single women. But sometimes at these places you run into some attractive women but they are different and  it is hard to make a connection with them outside a physical one. And this is coming from someone who met their beautiful wife at a Bar !! ;)

So dont rule out the possibilities of meeting women at a place like a Church. There are always going to be some duds every where you go. But I think at Church you can limit the amount you meet. That is just coming from my own personal experience and opinion about this subject !!

Why are you NOT Meeting Women ??

  • Posted on July 12, 2010 at 6:39 pm

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When meeting women it sometimes comes down to some simple facts. And that is some guys have it and some guys just dont. You know those guys who just have a chick magnet aura surrounding them wherever they go. They can pick up hot chicks anywhere and everywhere.. Then you have those guys who just flat out repel women away from them.T hey couldnt pick up any women to save their own life.

So what makes a difference between the chick magnet and the guy who couldnt pick up even the plainest Jane in the World.

Well, looks do matter………. but anyone who takes their time and grooms themselves and wears some  nice clothes can get around this.

What it really comes down to is this one thing……………..ATTITUDE.  Thats right women are attracted to certain guys who portray a certain type of attitude. This attitude is one of confidence and intelligence . They are looking for a guy who can be gentle and kind but also a guy who is firm and will not let anyone walk over him. They are looking for a guy who can talk and communicate with effectiveness and is intelligent. They want a guy who knows what they want and is able to convey exactly what they want when they want it.

You dont have to look like Brad Pitt to pick up hot women. If you have a strong sense of who you are and walk around with a strong sense of self confidence you can get any women you want.

If you can connect  with women emotionally and spirtually you can have your pick of any you want to pursue.

Just always remember its less visual when it comes down to what women focus on. Rather women focus on how a man handles himself and how he carries himself.

Develop that self confidence in your walk  and you are well on your way to being a chick magnet !!  ;)

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Meet Single Women – Do Women Just Want to be with Bad Boys ??

  • Posted on May 19, 2010 at 4:04 am

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I get asked this question a lot. It seems like it ALWAYS comes up sooner or later and I can say emphatically, NO, women just dont go for the bad boys !!

I personally used to think this but my good heartiness could never turn into that bad boy image that some women go for.

So I continued on with my good nature and good heart and always seemed to have success with women just being myself. Here is the thing where I think people get this bad boy scenario confused. You dont have to be a thug or a UFC fighter on steroids to hook up with that hot lady. But from  my own experience I find that women like men who are down to earth but who are also very confident. They like Men who are driven and know what they want in Life. And know what they dont want in Life. They go for hard working guys who can be kind and gentle but also very firm and protective when the occasion might call for it.

I think you guys who are really trying hard to be a mean SOB to just try to turn on that lady friend in your Life are missing the boat.Eventually it will seem contrived and pretentious to the lady and she will catch on. Once a woman realizes you are not being genuine she will drop you like a hot potato.

So guys just work on your self esteem and self confidence. There is nothing wrong with putting a little swag in your walk and make sure to keep your eyes and head up. This will increase the air of confidence around you when you are around women.

Plus, I can for certain tell you that working out and gaining some lean muscle and getting in shape is a huge turn on for ALL women. And combine that with a sweet personality and you are good to go with that hottie you have been eyeing at the Office !!

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