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I just want to wish ALL you Peeps a Happy Halloween

  • Posted on October 31, 2013 at 5:58 pm

Just wanted to give you a big shout out on such a scaaaarryyy day :)

Remember guys to be respectful to your women. And have fun at those Halloween parties. You never know if you might run into Mrs. Right

So keep an open mind and keep your ears and eyes wide open :)

How to Attract Women…….The Dos and Donts !

  • Posted on September 10, 2013 at 4:22 pm

You know in Life as you get older you start to figure things out and your clarity of what works and what doesnt work becomes sharper.

Case and point: How to Attract Women.

As men, from an early age ,we are taught to put on this macho, strong and unwavering facade to approach women and hopefully get them to like and have a strong desire to be with us.

Now of course having a certain degree of confidence around women is always something that is positive.

But from my perspective the age and era of time where men were like ‘stone called walls’ for women to cry on are for the most part over with.

No ! Rather women these days are interested in a man who reveals his true self and shows all his weaknesses and strengths and is not afraid to be vulnerable.

Now do not get me wrong I think most women would agree that having a man who cries on their shoulder at the drop of a hat is a turn off.

But I think women are turned on by men who are not hesitant in showing empathy and a little emotion when the opportunity presents itself..

Heck, I myself have no problem in shedding tears when I am watching Oprah with my wife. They are mostly tears that come from being moved by another human beings plight or another human’s beings ability to over come the odds and come out victorious.

I have always been that way and will continue to be that way because that is who I am.

I just see it so many times where men adopt this stoic persona, and I truly believe women can sense that it is a bunch of baloney. And that it is not the man being his true self.

Here are a few ways on how to attract women.
1. Just be Yourself. No matter what. Even if it means going thru 10 women. Sooner or later your authenticity will pay off.
2. Let yourself be vulnerable. Let your true, natural emotions come out if you feel the moment.
3. When you make yourself vulnerable be sure you have self confidence to back it up. Women love a man who is sensitive but also confident that he deserves to have this woman in his presence.

Its all about keeping a balance on how to attract women.

Not be overly confident while not being overly emotional when your with a woman.

But in the end just being yourself will eventually get the woman you always wanted to be with ! :)


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How to Meet Women………………

  • Posted on November 5, 2012 at 1:42 pm

Hey guys , Robert Andrew  here.  Today, I just want to talk about meeting women and how you can better put the possibilities of meeting them in your favor for a long, fruitful relationship if  that’s what you want.

As you get older, determining how to meet women becomes much more difficult.  When you’re in school or college, there are plenty of opportunities to meet someone, but once you move on to the world of work those opportunities sometimes disappear.

It’s not impossible to meet women, but it’s necessary for you to create your own opportunities if you want to meet someone great.  The good news is that in today’s world, there are many ways to do that and have dating success.

First, you’ll need to be willing to put yourself out there.  Sometimes people complain that they can’t meet women, but in reality they’re not willing to take the risk.  You’ll have to be willing to risk rejection to find the right person for you.

Where you look for women depends somewhat on what you’re really looking for.  Do you want to just date around and have a fling?  Or are you looking for long-term love?  If you’re not ready for a serious commitment, feel free to meet women in places like bars and clubs. (which incidentally  is the place I met my lovely wife :)

But if you’re looking for something more serious and you’re ready to commit, those aren’t the best places to look.  While some people get lucky at the bar scene, most people need to look elsewhere when they’re ready to settle down.  You need to learn how to meet women for a lasting relationship.

It’s always great to use your network of friends and family to meet women.  These are the people who know you best and know what your likes and dislikes are.  If you let them keep their eyes open for possible matches, you’ll likely get some good choices.

You can also try online dating.  Many people are having success with this tool that brings the dating pool closer to home.  Instead of having to stumble upon someone who is a good match, you have the ability to look at people who are also interested in dating.

Online dating was once a strange and unusual way of meeting people, but it’s now become the norm.  There are all kinds of sites that specialize in specific types of people – for example ethnicity or religion.  There are also sites that allow you to meet up with just about every kind of woman imaginable.

You can also look for women who have similar interests by joining groups based on activities.  For example, there are many groups that organize events such as vacation tours, recreational adventures, and attending performances.  If you join a group that matches your interests, you’ll meet women who share those.

Once you know what you’re really looking for in a relationship, it makes it easier to decide where to look for love.  Understanding how to meet women is almost more about understanding who you are and what you’re ready for than anything.

Piece out,


Happy Halloween and here are 5 Tips for Meeting Women

  • Posted on October 31, 2012 at 7:58 pm

Hope you guys get spooked out tonight and remember to not engulf to many of those twit and snicker bars ;)

Anyway, if you’re looking for love, it helps to have tips for meeting women that are practical and you can immediately apply to your life.  Dating can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be when you have a few little secrets.

Tip 1:  Have an open mind.  You may think you know exactly what you’re looking for in a woman.  But often, what you think you want isn’t really what’s best for you.  Make sure that you don’t get too set on a specific “type” and miss out on someone great.

Give every woman you meet a chance and get to know her before you dismiss her.  Sometimes the person who you have instant attraction to turns out to be the wrong one and the person you passed over surprised you.

Tip 2:  Trust your friends.  Sometimes the best matchmakers are your friends and family.  They’re already on your side and want you to be happy and they know you best.  They might find the best women who are the most compatible with you.

One of the best tips for meeting women is being willing to trust someone to set you up.  It may seem like a risk, but it’s one that’s worth taking if you’re serious about finding love in your life.  When someone tells you about a woman that you might be interested in, pay attention.

Tip 3:  Put yourself out there.  It may seem like common sense, but if you don’t put yourself out there you won’t ever find anyone.  That means going to places where you might meet women who have similar interests.

It means taking risks and being willing to ask women out – even if that means you might get rejected.  Take rejection as a gift to teach you what to do better next time.  It can help you to find a woman who might be a better fit for you in the future.

Tip 4:  Be yourself.  It may sound trite, but when you’re looking to meet women it’s always best to be who you really are.  You can pretend to be something you’re not to get someone interested, but that interest will fade when the truth comes out.

Tip 5:  Have a sense of humor.  When you take yourself too serious, you can turn off potential mates.  Make sure to keep things light and don’t be afraid to make fun of yourself – just don’t make fun of her!

The most important part of putting yourself out there for dating is your own mindset.  These tips for meeting women are really more about getting your head in the game than anything else – and once your mindset is right, the right women will be drawn to you.

Want to know Where to Meet Women ? Here are Few of the Best Ways !

  • Posted on October 12, 2012 at 3:49 pm

If you’re single and you want to change that status, knowing where to meet women who are suitable for you is essential. There are many options out there for men who are seeking relationships.

First, there’s the obvious choice of bars and clubs. These are good places to mix and mingle with a lot of different types of women. If you’re looking for something fun and to date around, this is a great place to get your feet wet.

You could get lucky and meet the girl of your dreams when you’re out with your friends at the bar, but that doesn’t happen too often. For long-term love you may need to look in different places. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to dating.

Start with thinking about what’s most important to you in a relationship and your most important values. What do you value the most in your life? Is it financial stability? A mate with a strong work ethic? Someone who shares your religious values or ethnicity?

Understanding the values you hold will help you to meet the right type of woman. It’s usually best if you look for a woman who shares your core values, but has some differences in other areas. For example, she might be the same religion but have a different type of profession than you.

Then frequent places where you’ll find women who share your core values. If you want to meet a woman who understands your profession, conferences and conventions are a good place to network and meet similar women.

If you want to be with a woman who shares your sense of adventure, you might join groups that coordinate recreational activities and see if there’s a good match there. Do whatever you can to expand you social circle because you can connect with more people who might be good women to date or know women who would be good matches for you.

When thinking about where to meet women, don’t discount online dating. This is a great way to see a wide variety of women who are interested in dating. It also gives you a nonthreatening way to connect with women that interest you.

If you join an online dating service, make sure to work hard on creating an interesting and honest profile. Don’t give your life story away – keep her wanting to know more about you. But don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. Eventually the truth will come out and your dishonesty will backfire.

It can be tough putting yourself out there and seeking a relationship. Coming up with ideas of where to meet women that are outside the box can help you to meet the woman of your dreams and enjoy a great relationship.

Giving Christmas Gifts to Women and Christmas Gifts to Her can be a Great Way to Meet Women !

  • Posted on September 22, 2012 at 7:08 am

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Hey guys,

I hope your have a great Summer Meeting Women. I know its been awhile since I have posted. I apologize , and hopefully this Fall I will be able to do some more writing.

One topic that I want to cover today is how to give presents as a way in meeting women and actually getting involved with them to point you are dating regularly.

Once you are meeting women on a regular basis and you find that one woman who stands out above all and might be potential for a serious relationship…..then giving a nice present can really go a long way. It can tell that woman that you are somewhat serious about her and want to continue the relationship..

Two things happen when you give a woman a gift.

1. First of all if it is a nice present , she will enjoy the present itself.

2. Secondly, a present lets her know you have put some thought and effort to try to please her ! To her you are a good guy !! ;)

Now understand those are two distinct differences.

Now , the present can be given to your women anytime. Of course, days of celebration like Valentines Day and Christmas are great times to initiate gift giving to women. If you are dating a woman for awhile then it is essential that you give her a present and it does not have to be necessarily something tangible. A real nice weekend getaway or dinner at an exclusive restaurant will do.

The fact that you are making an effort and your woman sees this, is something that will help your relationship in the long run.

After meeting women and you find one that you may want to see on a regular basis , giving a present can be a simple and nice gesture that you are a good and decent person. Even if your relationship does not go very far it shows that you are a true gentlemen which people will take note of. This not only gives you a good reputation in your Community, but it builds up your on self esteem knowing that you have done a good thing.

Giving a present is a good thing all the way around. It helps in so many ways ; the person getting the present and the one giving the present.

Peace out,

Robert Andrew

P.S. By the way check out my new Christmas Blog for getting Christmas Gifts and ideas for Men and Women during the Holidays. Right now its new, and I have Gifts for Men and more importantly Christmas Presents for Women and Christmas Gift Ideas for Women and I will keep adding more and more sections each and every week ! So stay tuned.

BTW WOMEN, you can always give hints to your Man about what you want for Christmas and be direct because us guys can be really dumb about this stuff ! :)

See ya Next Time Guys,

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Less than a week before Valentines, are ready to meet women ??

  • Posted on February 8, 2012 at 4:01 pm

Wow, I just cannot believe another Valentines day is soon upon us !! 2011 has flown by as we are almost in the middle of the month of the second day of the month for 2011 !

Its not really hard to meet women particularly during this period of time. You just need to do some investigation to see which women are availabe and single.

You can do this by relying on friends and family members. Friends and family are really a great way to get introduced to that potentially special woman you want to be romanttic with. Now guys , I am not talking about a quick one night stand, but am talking about a serious girlfriend. One that you start to get to know almost immediately.

The best way to do this is invite her out for some tea or coffee. This has  many times has been a good way to get a relationship started. You get to know the woman and she gets to know you in an intimate setting. And you both can decide if there is any romantic chemistry there. There is no pressure and you would be surprised how many serious relatonships get started this way.

If  you decide you like the woman and she likes you then start things  gradually with a movie over the weekend. And if things continue to go good then you have a wonderful date for Valentines day. :)

So there you have it………. a simple and powerful way to meet women and have that date lined up for Valentines day. Maybe take her to a swanyky restraunt for dinner on this big day. I am not sure about giving her 2 dozen red roses , dont rush it. But a nice card would be appropriate at this juncture of the relationship.

Good Luck,

Robert Andrew

Its 2012 and a great time to meet women !!

  • Posted on January 10, 2012 at 9:18 pm

Howdy guys. Its Robert here. I hope you are having a sweet 2012.  Its hard to believe how quick 2011 just raced by us.

But I am looking forward to a great 2012. And you should be too. I want to definitely increase the amount of posting I do on this Blog.  And I am excited to share some of my knowledge and expertise on meeting women and how to find and  be happy with these awesome creatures  :)

There is really no secret to meeting women but there is some knowledge you need to know about meeting the right women. If you are looking for casual dating and mingling then going to a Club or singles dance could be a great way for you to go. I know bars and clubs  get a bad wrap but think about this; if you have EVER gone to a bar or club wouldn’t you think there might be some decent people there like yourself ? ;)

Now if you are looking to find some dates that may be more than just your regular mingling and flirting then places like grocery stores, Malls, school functions, and sporting activities may be suited for you to meet women. You might find women who could be committed to looking more for  long term relationshisp than a club or bar. Not always of course. But more probable.

Finally, if you are looking to meet your wife and true soul mate maybe you should go to either a Singles night at your Church or a dating agency geared toward serious minded relationship !!

In the past before I was happily married I went to a few Churches who had some really great Singles groups. I knew several friends who met their future wives at these single groups.

But go figure as I met my Wive at a hony tonk club over a beer and hot wings !! ;)

Happy New Year,


Ho, Ho, Ho and Merry Christmas from MeetWomenRightNow.Com

  • Posted on December 14, 2011 at 8:44 pm

Hey guys I won’t be back here until after the New Year’s !! I am going of out state  two weeks for the holidays.

Just want to wish everyone Happy Holidays. And if you do not celebrate Christmas then make it a good one !  :>)

You know  now is a perfect time to meet women online and offline. Everybody seems to have good cheer this time of year so really embrace that and go out and make yourself vulnerable. By this I mean go up to that woman in the grocery store that you like and introduce yourself and ask her if she is single. If she is, ask her out for some coffee.

Also going to Church and meeting single women is a perfect time with the Holidays. People seem to be more receptive and very positive. Many women who are available will take you up on your offer to go out for dinner or tea for lunch !

So put yourself out there and have a great Holiday,

Happy Thanksgiving and lets find some decent women out there !!

  • Posted on November 25, 2011 at 4:35 am

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I hope everyone of you had a great Thanksgiving ! I know I sure did as I must have eaten over 6,000 calories today alone :)

Anyway, the holidays are officially upon us and what better way than to meet women and have a fling or maybe have something a little more serious !

Meeting women is not rocket science as I have stated in the past. Actually it is quite easy if done properly. A certain amount of confidence along with proper edicacy and knowing what to say and when to say it is is really all you need to know.

If you like a girl you see , the best thing to do is walk up to her and introduce yourself. Get a feeling of who she is and try to understand what she likes and dislikes about things in her Life. You can do this by asking questions and let her know you are putting the limelight on her and not yourself. As you do this try to find some commonality between you and her.

For example……..If you are at a sports bar and you are a sports nut and see a girl that catches your eye then walk up to her and ask if she saw the recent college football game. If she says yeah then you have found some common ground with her as you like college football yourself.

Same can work at a variety of places including golfing, pool, swimming etc…

Having a commonality can be your first foot in the door of meeting a women that you find attractive !!

And who knows you just might find the soul mate of your Life !!

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